With Nilfgaards supply lines impacted by the closure of Toussaints boarders, King Radovid takes the oppertunity to sieze the initiative and push south over the Pontar from Kaedwen into Aedirn. The Free Company is recalled to the line to take part in this push to reclaim lands lost to the Empire. 

Meanwhile rumours in court of spies, murders and other actions that could bring disrepute to the Free Company have reached the ears of the King. Along with reports of increased Scoia'tael sightings, the king has ordered the Free Company to his Eastern Flank along the boarders of Aedirn and Dol Blathanna.

Event 7 Deposit

  • Silverwood Scout Camp, Silkstone, Barnsley S75 4JU

  • Friday 16th - Sunday 18th of September 2022