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In the darkest reaches of Mahakham’s mines lies a treasure so precious that it could unite a nation and turn the tide. A treasure so precious that many would seek to control it, manipulate it to their own ends. This treasure comes with great cost and to find it invites terrible danger to those who would seek it.

The Lilly in the darkness, alone and cursed.

Yet find it you must for the fate of Temeria and its people hang in the balance.

Even the Dwarves of Mount Carbon know this. They open their doors to you at the request of Jon Natalis. Offer you a corner of an old outpost to use as your base of operations. However, the Noble Dwarves will expect a payment. Crowns, Florens, Weapons, tasks of their own? Who knows.

Hello Free Company

We would like to invite you to Event 8 – Alone in the Dark

This event will take place in Chislehurst caves in London on the 31st of March – 2nd of April 2023. 

Event 8 "Alone in the Dark" Veterans Deposit Ticket