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The time has come finally to take back the Island of Undvik on Skellige. Originally the clan hold of Clan Tordarroch, the clan was forced from the island by the huge Ice Giant Myrhyff. Recently though the empire of Nilfgaard, in an effort to conquer Skellige, slew the giant and occupied the island to use as a staging ground. Their efforts were in vain as the Free Company foiled the Empire's efforts to take the islands and thus denied Nilfgaard unopposed access to the western coastline of the continent.


The heir to the clan Skeld of clan Tordarroch has made great efforts to try and gain the high king of Skellige's support to retake Undvik. Now with the recent battle near the island and the strange rift in the sky originating from the island the king has been moved to action and allow the free company to take the island and return Skeld his Jarldom. 

The fight will be hard, the Nilfgaardians having plenty of time to dig in and reinforce. The company will need to take every advantage, reinforce their battered units and investigate what other surprises the island has to offer.


Lilit, the recently freed Vampire, also has her plans to set in motion. But perhaps there is still time to thwart her before the Eltibalds prophecy can some to pass and the river valleys are filled with blood.


Thankyou for purchasing the remaining ticket cost to event 9 - Reclamation.


Further details for the event and site will be available on the website soon or you can go to the Birch Hall Scout camp website -



Event 9 - Reclamation - Remaining Ticket Cost