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Barely a week after the Free Company’s heroic struggle to drive Imperial forces from Skellige - comes word that the Redanians have finally crossed the Pontar in the west. They have invaded northern Temeria in force, supported by river ferries and companies of troops in the livery of Novigrad.

The Redanian spearheads are driving the Imperials back, sacking towns as they go and leaving the river valley awash with blood. There is soon an announcement relayed from Captain Pangrat; The Company's next deployment is to western Temeria, to an undisclosed location where Constable Natalis is preparing to issue a call to arms to gather an army for the Free North.

Now that the Free North has raised its banners the fate of the Continent may depend on how powers near and far respond. There are many prospective allies for the cause, some of whom hate each other as much as they hate Nilfgaard and the Redanians. Delegates of the Northern powers need to be convinced success is possible, it will take favours in return for getting them around the negotiating table. The local populace and the magnates that rule them need to be won over if an army is to be raised.

The Free Company could be a shining example of what the North can achieve by unity, or it could be an object lesson in how trying to unite such disparate folk is doomed to failure.

The eyes of the North will be upon the mustering in Western Temeria, while in the east the volcanic mountain continues to burn - and a darkness threatens to fall over the world…


If you are purcahsing this free waiting list ticket you will be added to our waiting list and if any tickets become available from players who cannot make the event then we may contact you depending on your place in the list.


Further details for the event and site will be available on the website soon or you can go to the Consall Scout Camp website at



Event 10 "For Better or For Worse "- Player Waiting List Ticket

  • Consall Scout Camp,

    ST10 2PS

  • 5th - 7th of July 2024

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