The Invasion of Skellige by the Empire of Nilfgaard has been thwarted but the cost was great. Many brave heroes of the Northern Kingdoms gave up their lives in defence of the island nation. If they failed or ignored the impending invasion then Nilfgaard's fleets would have free rein along the coastline, thus allowing its forces to invade north of the Pontar river.

The Free Company has earned a short respite and as fate would have it this has come in the form of an invitation from the Duchess of Toussaint to compete in the grand tourney with a promise of free and unhindered passge through the Nilfgaardian occupied kingdoms they must travel through.

No doubt that even through the company goes to rest and compete in Toussaint other creatures both men and beast plan and plot to cause chaos and death in the North. However the Free Company will answer the call to arms in defence of kith and kin.   

Northern Kingdoms Event 4

  • 25th of September 2020

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and socail distancing these dates could change - please remain flexible and safe, we will keep you informed as the situation unfolds.

  • Root 'n' Branch Acres, 

    Solihull, B92 0HQ