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Welcome to Northern Kingdoms -

A Witcher Larp


Welcome to the dark world of the Northern Kingdoms, inspired by the popular Witcher video game series by CD Project Red, books by Andrzey Sapkowshi and the Witcher School in Poland.

In Northern Kingdoms you are mercenaries of the Free Company fighting in the third Nilfgaardian-Nordling war, defending the common folk from post conjunction monsters, marauding bandits and denizens of great malice and destruction from outside our world.

Players can choose to play a multitude of roles within a dynamic world that reacts to the actions that you make.

You could be a former Scoia'Tael commando on the run from the church of the eternal fire or a sorceress seeking to rebuild the lodge. Whatever your character choice maybe, our team of keen voulenteers can help you craft the character you want to play.

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