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All characters have a class that gives them various abilities and skills which can be augmented by their race, kingdom and individual background. There are three main backgrounds which give you a general idea of your characters past before coming to your first Northern Kingdoms event and can provide you with great ideas for your characters background, personality and personal goals and your allegiances.
Currently the four character classes are Mage, Man at Arms, Source and Witcher. All classes save for Witchers are briefly described below.


Those discovered to have the ability to manipulate the magical energies or power in the world are quickly taken by sorcerers and sorceresses to begin training in the arcane arts, the method of their induction varies, most students are given to the mages by their families as uncontrolled magic is very dangerous, for some mages it is a matter of family tradition or simply their right as a noble born. Sadly there are past tales of children being abducted never to be seen again.

Boys are taken to Ban Ard in Kaedwen for the duration of their training and Girls are sent to the more prestigious school in the palace of Aretuza on an island off the coast of Cidaris.

Those who are magically talented are schooled in all manner of arcane sciences such as alchemy, divination, healing, offensive and defensive combat magic. A magically talented mage, once their education is complete, can expect a bright future in the northern kingdoms, even more so if you were educated in Aretuza.

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Men At Arms

The Northern Kingdoms could not survive without the hardy common folk and nobles of the realm be they merchants trading their wares enriching the North, soldiers defending the kingdoms from the onslaught of the black ones, blacksmiths forging the vital arms and armour needed to wage war or the lords and ladies providing money, troops and diplomacy to turn the tide of war all have an important role in shaping the realms, only a fool would overlook the men at arms.

The men at arms class applies to all the peoples of the Northern Kingdoms who are not Witchers, Mages and Sources. What you want to be is completely up to you within the confines of the lore of the world of the Witcher which could be a witch hunter, priest of the eternal fire, farmer, veteran soldier just to name a few.

Our team is here to help you flesh out your character if you are stuck; we also recommend reading the saga, source book and play the video games in order to gain inspiration when creating your characters back story.



Sources are wildly different to those who are magically talented; a sources power is wild and untamed, often dangerous and instinctive. Their education focuses on controlling, channelling and limiting the vast destructive potential of their power. Structure and discipline not unlike military training has been found to be the most effective method of educating a source, consequently most sources become officers in the armies of the various kingdoms, their powers highly prized by the Northern Kings.

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