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No great saga is compete without the antagonists and protagonists that populate the storied tales of the Northern Kingdoms.
All characters from all walks of life have the potential to achieve greatness or perhaps they are fated to fail or worse yet, become the villain of the story.
Many are the paths and its up to you to walk the one you choose.
For better or worse your path has the potential to shape the fates of all.
Choose wisely before you make that first step, or not. 


Character Creation

Before attending your first event you will have to create a character using our flexible character creation system detailed in our character creation guide.
You will need to select a Race, Character class, Kingdom or origin and, then depending on the class you pick, spend a number of skill points. Each Kingdom, Race and Class gives advantages and disadvantages. 

Each race, class and kingdom is briefly described in the characters drop down menu and further details on the advantages and disadvantages of each race, kingdom and class can be found in the character creation guide.

The most important aspect of character creation for the Northern Kingdoms team is your characters background. Once you have crafted your character we need you to write background that we can incorporate into some of the many plots going on and/or craft an entirely new plot based on your background.
Not only will we do this but you will also receive unique skills and abilities based on that background that no other character will have.

We would like to see shorter more detailed backgrounds rather than long vague backgrounds, that being said long detailed backgrounds are fine too. 
Also we would prefer that you do not include close relationships with the main protagonists of the Witcher Saga.
Remember this is your story, your fate, your path.

Downtime and Character Development

Shortly after each event you will be asked to submit a short downtime narrative. This downtime narrative represents your characters actions between each event, this can include research on a foe or lore subject, forging exquisite items or developing your character. Your characters actions are up to you but be careful not to try and achieve too much or you may not achieve much at all.

Your downtime submission will get a reply from the team with a narrative on the progress of that downtime. This may result in a success, a failure or may require further downtime submissions after future events should the project your character is working on be large. Regardless or the result the response narrative will detail why the result is the way it is. 

Character development in Northern Kingdoms is not quantified which means there is no list of development skills or skill upgrades. All character development is done through your characters downtime actions and role play done during events. An example is learning how to use a bow, in your downtime you may write an extensive narrative how your character picks up a bow and shoots some arrows, this is enough to start the process but learning to use a bow competently requires time, a tutor and practice. Therefore we encourage you to get another player to teach you how to use a bow before you learn the skill thus enriching your role play experience. 

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