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Dedicated to hunting the monsters of the post conjunction world and subjected to horrific rituals and mutations, a lone witcher is truly an imposing figure but as the saying goes, "he who lives by the sword must die by the sword" and this it certainly the case for witchers.

To date no witcher has died through old age.

Witcher recruits are taken at a very young age, often barely into their teens, some given by families whose lives have been saved by witchers but more often given up by widows who wish to remarry as a child in tow may well repel any would be suitors, alas such is the way of the Northern Kingdoms that the majority of recruits are orphans of war and conflict. These recruits are subjected to horrific rites, add to that an extremely demanding training regime means that only a fraction of recruits survive to become witchers. Those who become witchers, equipped with inhuman enhanced senses, reflexes, an immunity to disease and longevity, are set to walk the Path to do battle with all manner of vicious monsters.

But a witchers services to the northern kingdoms are not free and are certainly not cheap.

Recent history, conspiracies, propaganda, racism and fear have led to the downfall of most Witcher schools. Most schools have been destroyed or attacked in some fashion, individual witchers have been subject to prejudice and violence no doubt spurred on religion fervor. To make matters worse no new Witchers can be created due to the loss of the mutagens that are vital to the trial of the grasses which turn a person into a Witcher. In short, Witchers are an endangered species.

The Rarity of Witchers

Witchers are rare at this point, violence against the Witchers and their schools compounded by the loss of the Witcher mutagens had seen a stark decrease in their number which at this point is unlikely to see a reversal. To that end there is a limit on the amount of Witcher characters that can be created. If you have an interest in creating a Witcher please contact us when you book to see if there are any places available. If there are none then you we go on a waiting list. There is no restriction on who can apply to be a Witcher, the only restriction is the number of Witchers in the game.
However the world of the Witcher has so much more to offer within the worlds deep lore.



Creating a Witcher

Witcher character creation works slightly differently to normal character creation. 
Witchers are a race and a Class and instead of selecting a kingdom, you select a school. Your selected school gives you different advantages and disadvantages like a kingdom does but exclusively for Witchers.
Playable Schools are the Schools of the Cat, Bear, Griffin and Wolf. A short description of each school can be found below.


School of the Wolf

The Wolf School is a school of witchers headquartered at Kaer Morhen and is by far the more famous of the Witcher schools thanks to the exploits of one Geralt of Rivia, a wolf school Witcher. Fame however comes at a cost. A conspiracy lead to a devastating attack on the school which saw the majority of the schools witchers slain and their precious mutagens lost. These mutagens were vital to the creation of more witchers. 

The school teaches a wide range of fighting techniques and is the most rounded of the Witcher schools.

Witcher Direwill.jpg

School of the Bear

The school is believed to have been headquartered in Skellige, a fact which is reflected in its students' armor: heavy and thickly padded to weather the elements. Their attitudes, culture and accent would also lead many folk to come to the conclusion that they hail from the island nation.The Bear School, along with the Cat School, are the only known witcher schools who regularly utilized crossbows in their work.

Witcher Vestan.jpg
Bear Witcher.jpg
Witcher Baldur.jpg

School of the Griffin

Griffin School equipment is of medium weight and amplifies the intensity of the wearer's Signs; as such, the school and its disciples have specialized in the use of sign magic.

Griffin school Witchers were thought to have originated in Toussaint due to their tendency to act in a somewhat chivalrous manner (for a Witcher), it is not unknown for a Griffin school Witcher to charge off at the end of a contract to defend a town from a vicious monster only to have forgotten his sword.

Griffin Witcher.jpg
Witcher Matheo.jpg
Cat Witcher.jpg

School of the Cat

According to some sources, the Cat School had degenerated into little more than assassins for hire, garnering the ire of many whom sought vengeance against them. Equipment for the Cat School is lightweight and form fitting, blades are forged to cause opponents to bleed out easier, and crossbows powerful enough to pierce through armor. Cat school training techniques focus on stealth and short weapon close range fighting styles.

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