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Thanks to our wonder photographers who have volunteered their time and impressive talents we have been able capture some epic moments. Below are just a few of the awesome pictures Tony Berzins, Ben Smith and Kren Cooper have been able to take and edit for your enjoyment. There are links at the bottom of the gallery to their facebook pages/profiles. If you yourself are an event organiser we highly recommend them.

Northern Kingdoms Event 1 - A Call to Arms

Our first event back in November 2018 was located at the fabulous and immersive viking living history village within Murton Park Agricultural museum near the city of York in the UK.

This first event set the standard we are trying to meet to have an immersive high quality role play experience with paying hundreds to pounds on a ticket. 

Our players began their adeventures near the Redanian town of rinde where they had to track down a Redanian sercet service agent who had vital information about Nilfgaards plans to invade the Skelligen islands.

Northern Kingdoms Event 2 - Enemy of my enemy

Our second event took place in July 2019 at Silverwood Scout campnear Barnsley UK.

Having uncovered a plot to invade Skellige the members of the Free Company were taksed with aiding the Skelligen people with the defence of the islands. However the Skelligens did not fully believe the mainlanders, therefore the mercenaries had to prove themselves by helping the various clans, dealing with whatever issues the Jarls had. 

Once trust was established the defense of the island could be planned and implemented.

Northern Kingdoms Event 3 - You Reap What You Sow

Our third event was at Candlestone Campsite in South Wales in October 2019, despite the foul weather our players and crew made the epic journey to play in the great site that Candlestone boasted.

The battle for Skellige took place at this event with the players using a battle map to deploy thier units against a superior Nilfgaardian invasion force. During the weekend they could themselves attack vulnerable Nilfgaardian supply lines and attempt to thwart the plans of the infamous Black Company in order to influence the battle space. 

Thought their social and combat actions the Free Company emerged victorious, but not without sustaining losses.

Northern Kingdoms Event 4 - No Rest For the Wicked


Northern Kingdoms Event 5


Northern Kingdoms Event 6


Northern Kingdoms Event 7


Tony Berzins

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